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by an academic native speaker

Dr. Alekseev





Curriculum vitae

Born 1953 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia.
Married, two adult daughters.
Doctor of Natural Sciences in geology
Native tongue: Russian
Language pairs: English-Russian, German-Russian


1953-1981– school, university, working as geologist and software developer in Leningrad
1981-1995– working as geologist at the Academy of Science in the North of Russia
1995– emigration with the family to Austria
since 1995– permanent residence and work in Austria
since 2002– citizen of Austria



  • Graduate study: "Geological Mapping and Prospecting of Mineral Deposits"
    (Diploma "Master of Science", Leningrad State University, Department of Geology. Validation at Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Austria, on 5.7.2002)
  • Postgraduate study: "Structural Geology and Theory of Rock Deformation"
    (PhD degree, Leningrad State University, Department of Geology. Validation at Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Austria, on 5.7.2002)
  • Geology Related to Nuclear Waste Disposal
    (certificate, Summer School in Roztěž, Czech Republic)


  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
  • Continuum Mechanics
4-years' study "Mathematics for Engineers", graduated on two specialties: "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" and "Continuum Mechanics" (Leningrad State University, Mathematical-Mechanical Department)

Information Technologies

  • Specialist in IT solutions of optimization tasks (LIMTU-Leningrad)
  • Software Developer (diploma, WIFI-Graz)
  • Network Administrator (certificate, WIFI-Graz)
  • HTML+CSS (certificate, BFI-Graz)


  • Nursing Assistant (Pflegehelfer), certificate, BFI-Graz
  • Therapeutic pedagogy
    Basic course (Heilpädagogischer Grundlehrgang), certificate, SHFI-Graz
  • Emergency Medical Technician
    (Rotkeuz-Haupthelfer), certificate of the Red Cross


  • MAG-Welder (European Certificate EN 287, WIFI-Graz)

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  • geology, paleontology, topography, cartography, library science, applied mathematics
  • university teaching, scientific conferences, oral and poster presentations, writing articles and reports, reviewing and editing
  • translation of scientific literature from English into Russian
  • project management in geology
  • international cooperation
    (joint research together with English speaking and German speaking scientists, collecting and processing data, geological mapping, interpretation of results, graphic presentation, planning, logistics, guidance, reporting)
  • organization and guidance of field works in remote areas
  • software development, web design
  • nursing, care for the mentally ill people, ambulance service
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Professional Activities

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  • Russian literature
  • Writing stories
  • Fishing
  • Cross-country skiing, jogging, badminton
  • Travels and adventures
  • Since 2007, volunteer Emergency Medical Technician at the Red Cross
  • Playing at amateur theatre