Russian Proofreading

by an academic native speaker

Dr. Alekseev





Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Vladislav Alekseev. I am doctor of natural sciences. I emigrated from the Soviet Union to Austria in the 1990s. Russian is my native tongue. In everyday life, I communicate in German, English, and Russian languages. Approaching the retirement age, I became a freelancer. I deal with software development and improvement of Russian texts. I am not a certified translator, but as an academic scientist, I have been writing, editing and proofreading various Russian texts during the most part of my life. And since I have the inclination and abilities for this, I do it well.

I offer
My distinctive features are
  • literate Russian language and the sense of style,

  • wide experience in writing, editing, and rewriting Russian texts,

  • skills of the strict editor,

  • and accuracy.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Vladislav Alekseev